Harry Reid Spits On the Success of the Troops in Iraq!

Is anyone else in America outraged at the gross distortions by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Congressional defeatists on the good news from Iraq?

It’s getting really hard to believe that democrats want to win the War in Iraq.
Harry Reid’s comments today were absolutely disgusting.

The latest numbers came out this weekend.

The Multi-National Force-Iraq contines to rack up some amazing results since the Bush Surge began taking shape including::


** Violence in Iraq is down by 50%.
** Civilian casualties in Iraq are down by 60%.
** Baghdad casualties are down by 75%.
** Basra violence is down by 90%.
** Terrorist attacks in Iraq are down by 80%.
** IED attacks down by 55%.
** Average daily attacks down by 42%.
** Foreign insurgent flow into Iraq down by more than 50%
** Suicide bombings down 70% since March.
** Foreign Terrorist flow into Iraq down by 50%.
** Diala Province violence down by 68%.

(Figures were taken from Aljazeera, DefenseLink, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times and Aswat Aliraq)

And, General David Patraeus talked about winning in Iraq this weekend.

But, this news didn’t stop Harry “This war is lost” Reid to spit on the success of our troops in Iraq.
Obviously, Reid is sticking to his party’s agenda and ignoring the good news from Iraq.
The Hill reported:

The Democratic leader noted that Iraq did not meet the benchmarks it set out to accomplish and that the surge has not been successful in allowing Iraqis to reach national reconciliation.

However, Reid acknowledged that the surge might be responsible for reducing the violence in the war-torn country. He was careful not to give the strategy too much credit and instead blasted Republicans for being “committed to an open-ended war in Iraq.”

“They’re boasting now about, if things work out well by next summer — that is, the summer of 2008 — the war will be six and half years in endurance at that time, they’re talking about maybe we can start drawing down troops below 130,000 by then,” Reid told reporters.

Drudge and The Politico has more:

But Reid, in a Monday press conference, ceded no ground.

“The surge hasn’t accomplished its goals,” Reid said. “… We’re involved, still, in an intractable civil war.”

Reid’s comments show that Democratic leaders in Washington may not be on the same page as their rank-and-file members when it comes to interpreting results on the ground in Iraq. Reid, as a leader, still needs to maintain some negotiating leverage as Democrats try to figure out a way to give President Bush some $50 billion in temporary war finding while at least attaching some strings to the money so it’s not a blank check for the war.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) took to the Senate floor on Monday to highlight the “stunning reversal” in Iraq, and chided Democrats, saying “unfortunately, talk of congratulations is scarce among the anti-war left.”

Harry Reid ought to be ashamed!

** Reocontrovertible corrects Harry Reid- 2008 – 2003 does not = 6.5 years.

UPDATE: Senator Harry Reid vs. General David Petraeus
It’s Night vs. Day.

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