First "Iraq and Roll Band" Releases Arabic Single (Video)

Another Iraq success story…
First Iraq and Roll Band!

Nearly a decade after forming what is probably Iraq’s first rock band, the five-member UTN1 (Unknown to no-one) have launched their first Arabic single and are determined to conquer the world. (AFP/Anwar Amro)

Using their minimal resources the group UTN1 managed to get its first ballad aired on Uday Hussein’s radio station exactly once. Freed from the restraints of the regime, the group travelled to Great Britain to train and record.
The Herald reported:

BUDDING pop groups are faced with many obstacles on their way to the top. Being forced to compose a birthday song for Saddam Hussein is not normally one of them. Yet when UTN1 (Unknown to No-One) tried to launch a music career in Baghdad during the former dictator’s reign, they were obliged to provide a birthday tune before their career could progress any further.

As frontman Hassan Ali recalls, speaking down the phone from a hotel in Jordan: “We’d been told that if we wanted to do our songs we had to first sing about Saddam Hussein – unfortunately. Once that song had been broadcast we’d be allowed to have other songs broadcast, so in three days we wrote, composed and recorded a
song for his birthday.

Now, they’re off to conquer the world.


Very cool!! The video is in English!!

I’m sold.
UTN1 held a live performance yesterday in Beirut- the same day their new single was released.

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