Doing the Marxist Slide– Venezuela Votes on Chavista Rule… Update: CHAVEZ WINS!… Update 2: Maybe Not?… Update 3: CHAVEZ GOES DOWN!!

Final Results– Hugo Chavez loses election:
NO- 51%
SI- 49%

The Marxists at HovReferendum must be very sad. boo-hoo

Earlier Updates…
Aljazeera reports:


Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, is heading for victory in a referendum on allowing him to remain in power as long as he keeps winning elections, two government-linked sources said citing exit polls.

Reuters reports that “Government Sources” have confirmed that Chavez has won.
Sky News and China News are reporting the win for Chavez.
Ahmadinejad ought to be calling soon for congrats.

Daniel in Venzuela says it is not yet over- the mess is growing.
Miguel is reporting that the Chavistas have withdrawn their congratulatory ad for the papers tomorrow.

UPDATE: (8:00 PM CST) Chavez has not yet congratulated himself- Stange.
Daniel adds that the delay in announcing the result is scandalous.

UPDATE 2: (8:20 PM CST) Students are congregating in the Plaza Brion(?) in Caracas. Vice-president Jorge Rodriguez says that the electoral event passed with normality in spite of some attempts to affect the process(?)

UPDATE 3: (8:40 PM CST) Government Sources are now claiming that Chavez won- but only by a slight margin… He must have really got whomped!

A Marxist troll below & Reuters informs that “Bolivarian supporters have started to gather outside Miraflores palace to celebrate.”

UPDATE 4: Suzie passes on that the official announcement is planned for 11:00 PM EST. (Via the Miami Herald)

UPDATE 5: (9:20 PM CST) Caracas ChroniclesChavez Defeated!?

UPDATE 6: (10:00 PM CST) Now the headlines read: “Officials say Chavez will likely win referendum” -He must have really, really got whomped!

UPDATE 7: (10:10 PM CST) El Universal– “The streets of the West of Caracas are calm, without many passers-by. There are military troops and agents of the regime in Montalbán, redoma of India, San Martín, Baralt avenue and Sucre avenue guarding the public order.”

UPDATE 8: (10:15 PM CST) Daniel and Miguel are reporting that Chavez lost.
But, still no official word.

UPDATE 9: (11:00 PM CST) A election official representing the “No” side was not allowed into the room to see the totals and this violates the laws and the agreements. He was told he was not allowed in because of the “violence.” …Politicians are starting to get angry. They are now calling very harshly to the CNE to give results.

UPDATE 10: (11:15 PM CST) Thanks to Caracas Chronicles commenters- Globovision is streaming the results LIVE and it is open to everyone.

UPDATE 11: (11:30 PM CST) Hah! It’s official… Chavez Goes Down!!!!
Chavez is speaking right now………..A two hour concession speech???

UPDATE 12: (11:50 PM CST) I am going to bed now and Hugo Chavez is still giving his concession speech…. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Poor Hollywood. They must be in tears.

Chavez with fans Penn, Glover, Campbell, & Spacey.

* * * * *
The Pretend Vote is underway.
Despite Hugo’s meltdown this week including threats against- Spanish companies, the US, Colombian trade, Colombian President Uribe, CNN, Chile’s President Bachelot, the banks– the vote today is likely slide Venezuela under Marxist rule.

** Devil’s Excrement has photos from the polling stations.

** The National Electoral Council has already received a larger number of complaints compared with previous polls –El Universal.

** Globovision (via Devil’s Excrement) is reporting that the Chavistas are voting twice.

** Chavez thugs broke into a Jewish Center hours before the vote today.

** Chavez is telling voters that the results must be respected- El Universal.

Say goodbye to freedom. Remember it well. (carlossancheznieto)

The pre-election polling results show that the “no” votes have held a clear lead for weeks.

The BBC reported:

Voters have been turning out in numbers in Venezuela’s referendum on far-reaching constitutional changes sought by President Hugo Chavez.
The raft of proposed reforms would see the end of presidential term limits and the Central Bank’s autonomy removed.

Mr Chavez says the proposed changes would return power to the people, but opponents accuse him of a power grab.

Residents of the capital, Caracas, were woken before dawn by fireworks and loud music, says a BBC correspondent.

It was a rallying call to vote, correspondent James Ingham says, and appeared to have the desired effect, with long queues, several hours long, forming outside polling stations.

Donald Rumsfeld has analysis that includes supporting the Colombian free trade agreement and empowerng NATO and not the corrupt UN.

And… Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) blasted Chavez– “His policies, his efforts at dictatorship, to amend the constitution so he can stay there for life, that is what is destabilizing Venezuela, not our policies.”

Fausta is liveblogging this historic tragedy.

Hugo’s Idiots are no doubt celebrating.

Harry Belafonte propping up Hugo Chavez, Jesse Jackson flying in to prop up Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter giving Hugo Chavez a needed election win, Cindy Sheehan and Hugo Chavez in a socialist lip-lock.

Despite his threats, Babalu says Hugo is more of a threat at home than to the US.

Aljazeera reports on the confusion in Venezuela.

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views is tracking the “Doomsday Vote” from Caracas.
Daniel includes this update:

The dissident students have announced that they will go and vote after 2PM. And are urging anyone to go to vote, saying that they cannot defend the vote if there are no votes to defend. Let0s see if that creates a late afternoon surge! Ricardo Sanchez claims that 27000 students will be monitoring polling stations.

The End of Venezuela As I Know It is following today’s vote.

The Tehran Times chimed in: “Citing a confidential memo, the Venezuelan government is claiming the CIA is fomenting unrest to challenge the referendum.”

Michelle Malkin is following the vote.
Sweetness and Light notes the disgusting take on this power grab by Reuters.

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