Baltimore Bus Attack Victim Under Witness Protection

Sarah Kreager, the bus attack victim in Baltimore is under a witness protection program after the brutal attack that broke bones in her face around her eye, bruising her ribs and causing head wounds so deep that they had to be stapled.

6 males and 3 females beat on bus passenger Sarah Kreager who suffered broken bones, bruises, and swollen eyes. The attackers asked her to move from her seat twice. After she refused to move the for the third time, they attacked her and beat her bloody.

Michelle Malkin has the latest on this attack including this video.
Sarah Kreager talked about the attack on local FOX affiliate WBFF in Baltimore:
(Warning: gruesome injury photos)

The nine black students were not just bothering Kreager but went after other white passengers on the bus.
KOLO reported:

The students, who ride the bus to school, have been released into the custody of their parents, Greene said. Their bus privileges were revoked.

MTA Northern District Capt. David Marzola said the students also are accused of menacing an elderly white passenger and assaulting the bus operator, a black man who defended the passenger.

“He probably saved this gentleman’s life,” Marzola said.

MTA police said evidence has not been found to support claims by the students’ parents that Kreager or Ellis provoked the attack by spitting or displaying a knife. Green said no child reported any spitting or a knife at the time reports were taken.

Brutal Baltimore Bus Beatdown

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