Are the Clintonistas Pulling a Chavista?

Are the Clintonistas pulling a Chavista slide?
Hillary’s numbers are on the skids…

Real Clear Politics has her numbers sliding 10 points since her major debate gaffe on immigration.
Lookout Barak!…
The Hill’s Ron Christie sees the beginning of the end for the Clintonistas:

To be honest, I never thought in the first few days of December I would proffer that the Hillary Campaign for President is near the end. To wit, her national poll numbers have been plummeting since she seemed unable to answer a simple question whether she favored issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. She tried to be too cute on the issue by implying that she supported the issuance of such licenses before commenting that people were piling on and that she was being attacked by “the boys.”

While this might sound like a sound strategy in the comfort of campaign office suites, American voters see through such cynicism and posturing for pure political purposes. And now the Clinton strategy has backfired, and backfired badly.

After strutting around the country as the inevitable nominee who had to deal with the nettlesome opponents who were merely prolonging the inevitable, Sen. Clinton (N.Y.) has begun to realize, perhaps too late, that citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire take their role as casting the first ballots in the race for president of the United States very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they have started to punish the “inevitable” front-runner who was awaiting coronation by rewarding former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) and current Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) with strong surges in the polls.

But, the Clintonistas like the Chavistas won’t go down without some thuggery.
Hillary is launching attacks on Barak Obama’s character!
In fact, the Clintonistas get stupid and dig back into Obama’s kindergarten years(?)
Now, that’s stupid!…

The Anchoress calls it, “One giant can of crazy!”


Even The Huffington Post piles on the Clintons: “Will Hill Kill Bill For Lying About Iraq?”

MORE… Don Surber calls it- “Kindergartner Hillary”
Hat Tip Larwyn

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