Antiwar Nut Arrested In Massachusett's Flag Burning Spree

Antiwar nut goes on flag burning spree… Ends up in clink.

Police say Douglas Wight burned the flag that was hanging from a tree on someones property in Northampton and left a note for police that was titled “our American flag is now a symbol of shame.” His anti-war letter was identical to ones left at flag burnings in other townsCBS3.

The Boston Herald and Global Incident Map reported:

Northampton police have arrested a man in connection with a string of flag burnings around western Massachusetts.

Sixty-five-year-old Douglas Wight was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and charged with trespassing and defacing personal property.

A 5-by-9 foot American flag that hung from a birch tree outside of a home on Bridge Street in Northampton was reduced to ashes Friday night.

A typewritten note left at the home and signed by the “American Patriot Liberation Front” claimed the United States was oppressing millions of people around the world.

Similar incidents were reported in Palmer, Greenfield and Amherst.

Investigators allege that a search of Wight’s truck turned up items connected to the flag burnings, including a copy of the “Liberation Front” letter.

STACLU has more on the Bhutto video.

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