Another Ignorant & Hateful Kennedy Joins the Leftist Fold

Why must all Kennedy’s blame America first?
And, what’s with all the hate?

Meet the latest Kennedy on the international stage- Kerry.

With the name “Kerry” and “Kennedy” you know this one is bound to be unhinged.
The daughter of Bobby Kennedy, and insane leftist, traveled to Italy to bash America.
ADN Kronos in Italy has the interview:

The US must withdraw from Iraq and do more to help refugees displaced by the war, says leading rights activist Kerry Kennedy.

Kennedy, who heads the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights in Washington, was visiting the Adnkronos headquarters in Rome to meet the director of Adnkronos and president of the GMC-Adnkronos media group, Giuseppe Marra.

She said the war in Iraq must end and there can be no justice without peace and reconciliation for victims of the war.

“As an American I think our country has an enormous responsibility to protect the people of Iraq we have made vulnerable, ” she told Adnkronos International (AKI).

Kennedy, who founded the center after her father, a former US senator was assassinated in 1968, to support leading human rights defenders around the world. She has led over 40 human rights delegations to 30 countries.

While visiting Adnkronos, she was interviewed by four Iraqi journalists who are extending their journalism training in Italy.

She said the refugee situation was daunting and it was outrageous that the Bush administration was reluctant to help.

“There are so many people who have risked their lives to help Americans, yet we are abandoning these people who have chosen to help our cause,” she said.

Hateful and just nuts.
This one doesn’t have a clue about reality- Not only are Americans helping secure the country for the Iraqi people but they are having tremendous results.
She certainly sounds a lot like her Uncle Teddy.

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