Al Qaeda Offers Senior Discounts

The latest Algerian Al-Qaeda suicide bomber was in his 60’s.
SITE Institute reported:

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb issued a communiqué to jihadist forums today, Tuesday, December 11, 2007, claiming two suicide bombings in Algiers this day striking United Nations headquarters and the Algeria Constitutional Council. Images are provided of the two “martyrs”, Ibrahim Abu Uthman and Abdul Rahman Abu Abdul Nasser Al-A’assemi, who each drove truck bombs containing over 800 kg of explosive material, and allegedly killed a combined total of over 110 “Crusaders and apostates”.

ADN Kronos has more on the senior citizen bomber, via ROP:

In a major strategic change, the Algerian arm of Al-Qaeda appears to be using terrorists older than 60 to carry out its attacks.

That is the finding to have emerged from early analysis of the dual bombings that struck Algiers on Tuesday.

Arab media and analysts have spoken of the “return of the elderly” to describe the strategic change by Al-Qaeda’s Branch in the Islamic Maghreb (BAQMI) that claimed responsibility for the bombings in the Algerian capital…

In a statement posted on Islamist websites, al-Qaeda’s North Africa wing said that they had used 800 kilogrammes of explosives in each of the two suicide attacks.

Earlier this year al-Qaeda terrorists in Algeria had decided to use young people to carry out their attacks, but now they have changed their stragegy and appear to have decided to use terrorists aged in their 60’s.

To avoid Algerian security at key positions in the city, such as the United Nations building, leader of BAQMI Abu Musa Abdel Wudud and his collaborators used a 64-year-old white-haired terrorist, Rabah Bashla, in the suicide attack.

At least 67 were murdered in the attacks on Tuesday including 10 UN staff members.

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