Al Gore: "We Are What Is Wrong." (Some of us just get paid more)

In accepting his Nobel Peace(?) Prize today Al Gore explained
“We are what is wrong.”

But when you get paid $3,300 per minute for making a green speech, it tends to ease the pain of it all somehow.

Former US vice president Al Gore speaks at a press conference in Oslo, Norway, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2007. (AFP)

Al Gore, who flew into Oslo, Norway from Bali, Indonesia, also warned of the ominous threat of man-made global warming during his speech.


He then flew back to the UN Global Warming summit in Bali to join the other emitters who are discharging more hot air than the country of Chad does in a year.

Maybe- We are what is wrong” -pertains more to some than others?

More Gore… “It is time to make peace with the planet.”
…A critical line from his speech today since most earthlings are still wondering how he ever won a peace award in the first place.

UPDATE: That’s 3,300 pounds per minute- or around $6,000- Thanks Terrence.

Doug Ross has the take down on Al Gore.

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