Ahmadinejad: "NIE Report Was a Bullet In the Head of Liars"

Is it just me? Or, does Ahmadinejad sound a lot like the democrats today?

Ahmadinejad lashed out at the Bush Administration during his speech in Iran’s western province of Ilam on Wednesday. (ISNA Photo)

Mahmoud said the NIE Report was a bullet in the head of enemies (Bush).
Fars News reported:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the US intelligence report on the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programs shot a bullet into the head of all ill-wishers of the Iranian nation

“The report proved righteousness and legitimacy of the Iranian nation to the enemies,” he said, referring to a report by the US intelligence agencies which dismissed President Bush’s remarks about Iran’s nuclear threat and reiterated that Tehran is conducting peaceful nuclear activities.

Ahmadinejad said, “Although the report aimed to help the US administration overcome its problems, it was a shot in the head of those who filled the world with lies and threats under the forged pretext of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

“The US intended to deprive the European countries of the interests they could gain through relations with the Iranian nation, but thanks God, a bullet was shot in the head of the ill-wishers yesterday and their malicious wishes were brought to an end by the hands of the ill-wishers themselves,” he added.

The president called on the West to try the path of honesty and friendship with the Iranian nation, warning that if western countries repeat their mistake and adopt a hostile stance against Iran, the Iranian nation will stand against them and will make them fail again.

The New York Sun offered this advice while scanning through the NIE report:


The proper way to read this report is through the lens of the long struggle the professional intelligence community has been waging against the elected civilian administration in Washington. They have opposed President Bush on nearly every major policy decision. They were against the Iraqi National Congress. They were against elections in Iraq. They were against I. Lewis Libby. They are against a tough line on Iran.

One could call all this revenge of the bureaucrats. Vann Van Diepen, one of the estimate’s main authors, has spent the last five years trying to get America to accept Iran’s right to enrich uranium. Mr. Van Diepen no doubt reckons that in helping push the estimate through the system, he has succeeded in influencing the policy debate in Washington. The bureaucrats may even think they are stopping another war.

Powerline aptly describes the beurocrats war on Bush as “5 Years of the Condor”

John Bolton was on The O’Reilly Factor last night and agreed that nothing had changed with the information but that intelligence officers are playing politics with this latest report- the video is HERE.
This was a very dangerous and frightening move by the liberals in Washington.

Woah! Kenneth Timmerman at Newsmax drops names of a few of the minds behind the NIE madness.

The Washington Times is on the same wavelength- “Iran and its Democratic friends.”

UPDATE: Dr. Judith Apter Klinghoffer believes Iran will over reach.

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