After Vote- Bolivian Socialists Swap Constitutions

The Crisis Escalates in Bolivia

As if there isn’t enough chaos in Bolivia right now with 4 provinces declaring autonomy from the Marxist Morales government…
Now, Evo Morales, the hero of the Left, and his party have swapped Constitutions on the people of Bolivia:

…Deputies elected to Bolivia’s National Constituent Assembly replicated what happened in Venezuela in 1999, when Chavez was pushing for constitutional remake. The two texts differ in number of articles -408 and 411. It is almost certain that amendments were done unilaterally by supporters of Morales without giving the opposition the chance of taking part in it. No debate or consultations were had, so how can the process be called democratic?… Whoever was in charge of amending the approved version made sure that the issue of presidential reelection for one subsequent term, forbidden in the current constitution, was clearly established

Aleksander Boyd at V Crisis took the time to save the documents for future reference.
Here is the version of the Constitution that was voted on last week:

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And, here is a screenshot of the Constitution after it was published and released:

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You don’t have to read Spanish to see those changes.
Is it any wonder the people of Santa Cruz don’t want to have anything to do with this government?

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