After Death Threats- Princeton Conservative Beaten Unconscious

Hate Crimes at Princeton!

A conservative Princeton student was brutally attacked this past week after receiveing threats on campus for his traditional beliefs.
The Princeton Tory has the report:

December 15, 2007 Princeton, NJ After receiving multiple death threats, a Princeton student was beat unconscious last Friday in what appears to be a politically-motivated assault. The attack came after emails saying, “WE WILL KILL YOU,” were sent to the officers of a student group that promotes traditional views of marriage and sexual ethics.

Francisco Nava ’09, suffered serious abrasions, bleeding, and a light concussion after being beat until he lost consciousness this Friday. The attack, which occured within blocks of Princeton’s campus, appears to be connected to multiple death threats received by Nava and other officers in the Anscombe Society, a student group that advances traditional ideas of marriage and family. Nava was assaulted on Witherspoon Street near the Princeton campus while walking to the home of a local youth he mentors through a student volunteer organization.The attackers did not take any of Nava’s belongings.

The assailant, identified as a white, college-aged male, stopped Nava and asked him if he would “help someone who’s been hurt.” The assailant then pulled Nava into a dark area where another male joined in holding Nava’s jaw shut. The two assailants thrust Nava’s face against a brick wall causing abrasions, according to an email sent to administrators. Nava was then punched until he lost consciousness. When he awoke the assailants were beating him with a glass bottle. Nava’s two attackers said, “We told you to shut the f* up,” apparently echoing words that had appeared in messages received by Nava and four others affiliated with the conservative Anscombe Society. After the assault, Nava was taken to Princeton Medical Center for treatment. He was released late Friday evening.

The attacks came two days after Nava and five others, including prominent politics professor and conservative scholar Robert George and Rhodes Scholar and Tory Editor-in-Chief Sherif Girgis, were sent email death threats. One message said, “SHUT THE F* UP WE WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOU WE ARE WATCHING YOU YOU DONT BELONG HERE WE WILL KILL YOU.”

Glenn Reynolds has more on the reported hate crimes.
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UPDATE: (7:45 PM CST) Francisco Nava wrote me back and explained that he cannot say anything more at this time about the attack since it is under investigation.

UPDATE 2: (Monday) It was a hoax.
It never happened.
Fausta has more.
It’s weird that I would get that response from Francisco.

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