Afghanistan Boots EU and UN Officials!

Enough Is Enough.
The Afghanistan government booted two officials today for holding meetings with the Taliban. The two were reported to have supplied the Taliban with guns and money.

The two Britons were arrested earlier in the week by Afghanistan.
The BBC reported:

Two high-ranking officials from the European Union and the United Nations – one British, the other Irish – have been ordered to leave Afghanistan.

The two men, based in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, had been holding meetings with different tribes and groups, including the Taleban.

They have been given 48 hours to leave the country and the UN has said that it will comply with the request.

But officials hope to resolve what they have called a misunderstanding.

Alastair Leithead, BBC correspondent in Kabul, said the two, one of whom was acting head of the EU mission in Afghanistan, spoke to a lot of different groups across the country.

He said their role was to try to find out what was happening “on the ground” with tribal elders, government representatives and non-government representatives.

There are reports that the two officials were supplying the Taliban with guns and money:


It has been said that the pair were held last week for helping members of the Taliban insurgency with guns and money, but Mr Hamidzada did not reveal further details.

The British embassy said it could not comment on the announcement.

There are thousands of Europeans working with either the NATO-led military force or in the scores of government and non-government institutions helping the country to its feet after the fall of the Taliban.

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