80% of Released Palestinians Returned to Terrorism

Israel released 429 Pelestinian prisoners from detention in Israel yesterday.
Based on previous numbers odds are that 343 of these Palestinians will return to a life in terror.

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Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism. (Almagor)

A study published yesterday by Almagor Organization reported that 80% of the previously released Palestinians returned to terrorism.
IMRA reported:

Palestinian militants, freed in past prisoner releases by Israel, were responsible for at least 30 terror attacks which claimed the ives of 177 Israelis, according to a study published yesterday by Almagor, an organization representing the victims of Palestinian terrorism.

The report’s publication came in response to yesterday’s release of 429 Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons.

According to the report, 6,912 militants were released between the years 1993 and 1999, and nearly 80 percent of them returned to terrorist activity.

Prime Minister Olmert hopes the release of the jailed terrorists will bring peace.
Maybe someone should tell him that the day after the Annapolis conference ended, Palestinian TV ran multiple times a film showing Israel being transformed into one Arab Palestine.
Look for more death.

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