62% of Israeli Arabs Choose Israel Over Palestinian State

A recent poll by Keevoon.com found that 62% of Israeli Arabs would prefer to stay Israeli citizens rather than becoming Palestinian citizens if they had the choice.
IMRA reported on the results:

1. “There has been a lot of talk lately about the formation of a new Palestinian State. It has been suggested by some that Israeli Arabs could continue to live in Israel, but change their citizenship to the new Palestinian State. Given the choice, and continuing to live where you presently live today, would you prefer to be a citizen of Israel or of a new Palestinian State?”

Remain Israeli citizens 62% Join a future Palestinian State 14%
No opinion or refused to answer 24%

The strongest support for remaining citizens of Israel was exhibited by members of the Druse community, 84% of whom would choose Israel. Lower income households also showed strong support with 71% of them choosing Israel. Men were more likely than women to choose to remain Israeli citizens (67% vs. 56%). The strongest support for becoming citizens of a future Palestinian State was among students with 21% as opposed to the average of 14%. The largest percentage of undecided citizens was among Christian Arab Israelis with 43% compared to the average of 24%.

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