6,000 Iranians Attend Funeral of Executed Gay Youth

19 year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh was hung on Wednesday for having gay relations when he was 13.
The 19 year-old was pardoned by an Iranian judge in November but the regime hung him anyway.

Today, 6,000 Iranians attended his funeral in Paveh.

The lawyer representing Makwan Moloudzadeh said neither he nor Makwan’s family had been warned of the imminent execution.

The final days of Makwan’s life were absolutely horrible:


Prior to his execution, Makwan engaged in a hunger strike of ten days to protest the physical and psychological torture he’d been subjected to while in custody to make him confess…

As punishment for his hunger strike, Makwan – after having had his head completely shaved, a grave insult in Iranian culture – was paraded by police through the streets of his home town of Paveh on the back of a donkey, as police permitted passersby to hurl insults and invective at him and pelt him with stones, eggs, and other objects.

AKI Kronos reported today on Makwan’s funeral:

An estimated 6,000 people – almost the entire population – from the Kurdish Iranian town of Paveh, have attended the funeral of Makwan Moloudzadeh, 19-year-old Iranian youth hanged at dawn on Wednesday.

A video of the event distributed by the committee campaigning for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran showed 300 cars entering the town’s cemetery after the funeral on Friday. Many young people attended the funeral ceremony.

As the funeral took place on Friday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, condemned the execution and called on Iran to respect international conventions against executing juvenile offenders.

Arbour expressed her “grave concern” about the execution of Moloudzadeh.

Nineteen-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh was hanged on Wednesday, while Iranian authorities had promised to review the sentence.

He was hanged in Kermanshah prison for having had a homosexual relationship when he was aged 13. He reportedly had a relationship with a boy a year younger than him. He was also convicted of the rape of three boys, even though the accusations against him were later withdrawn.

“It was reported that the execution was carried out, despite his alleged victims withdrawing their accusations and the head of the judiciary issuing an order to stay the execution, pending a further judicial review of the sentence,” Arbour said.

Spared By Judge- Iran Hangs Gay Child “Criminal” Anyway

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