54% of Aljazeera Audience Supports Algerian Suicide Bombers

A majority of Aljazeera viewers agreed that the double suicide bombings in Algiers on December 10, 2007 were justified.

One of the Algerian Al-Qaeda suicide bombers, Chebli Brahim, was in his 60’s and suffered from cancer.

ROP and ANSAmed reported:

(ANSAmed) – ALGIERS, DECEMBER 17 – A poll by satellite TV Al Jazeera on the attacks in Algiers on December 11 has aroused bitter controversy in the Algerian media. “Are you in favour of Al Qaedàs attacks in Algeria?”. This is the “scandalous question”, daily Liberte writes, proposed by Qatar’s channel Al Jazeera, “which makes of the terrorist apology one of the main editorial lines”.

The daily adds that more serious are the results: a total 54% of the TV audience has answered to be in favour of the double suicide bomb attack in Algiers against the seat of the UN and the Constitutional Court, “a further demonstration of the responsibility of this TV in the propaganda of terrorism and its role of mouthpiece of the Salafite Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) and Al Qaeda”.

After the protests, Al Jazeera had to withdraw the poll. On the Internet sites usually used by the extremists, the terrorist organisation has accused the TV of “having censored the results of the poll”.

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