40 Top Al-Qaeda Leaders in Iraq Killed or Nabbed in November

Multi-National Force Iraq announced Tuesday that 40 top Al-Qaeda terrorists were captured or killed in Iraq in November.
Here is a slide of the Top 10 Terrorists killed or captured last month:

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Multi-National Force Iraq released its Top 10 list of Al-Qaeda terrorists killed or nabbed in Iraq last month.
Here is what Maj. Gen Kevin J. Bergner, Multi-National Force – Iraq spokesman and Mr. Phil Reeker, advisor to the Ambassador, U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, told reporters on Tuesday:

On November 17th, northeast of Samarra, coalition forces killed a senior al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist named Abu Maysara along with five other al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists. Abu Maysara, also known as Abu Basha’ir, served as a senior adviser to Abu Ayyub al Masri, the Egyptian-born leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Originally from Syria, Abu Maysara was responsible for providing extremist guidance and justifications on terrorist matters to Abu Ayyub al-Masri. He also provided logistical support to al-Qaeda operations and was a key leader in the al-Qaeda in Iraq media network…

This terrorist was one of 40 senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders that were captured or killed by coalition and Iraqi security forces in November. Of the 40, 9 were killed and 31 were captured. Four were senior-level Emirs. Nine were Emirs or cell leaders involved in improvised-explosive devices. Eight were foreign terrorist facilitators. Six were involved in media and propaganda cells. And the remaining 13 were facilitators of logistics, communications, and finances.

Abu Maysara was a top Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq… until he wasn’t.

A picture of slain Al-Qaeda militant Abu Maysara, also known as Abu Basha’ir, is shown on a television screen during a press conference held by spokesman for Multinational Forces Iraq, US Major General Kevin Bergner, in Baghdad. The US military on Tuesday said it had killed or captured 40 senior Al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders last month, as a shadowy head of the jihadi group announced a new bombing campaign in the war-torn country.(AFP/Pool/Sabah Arar)

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