30 Virgin Bodyguards Escort Muammar Gaddafi Into Paris

Gaddafi also brought his camel and heated tent.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (front L), accompanied by his female bodyguards (R), attends a meeting with female personalities in Paris, December 12, 2007. (REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen)

Libyan dictator Colonel Moamar Gaddafi is pitching his tent in Paris along with 30 virgin female bodyguards.
ANI reported:

Libyan strongman Colonel Gaddafi flew into Paris for a state visit escorted by 400 aides, including 30 female bodyguards, all of whom are said to be Virgins.

According to The Sun, each of these bodyguards is a camouflage-clad trained killer who will protect him around the clock.

The entourage, which arrived on five planes, also includes a fleet of armour-plated limos, a camel and a heated tent in which he will stay on the grounds of the Hotel de Marigny. rench President Nicolas Sarkozy invited Gaddafi after Sarkozy’s estranged wife Cecilia persuaded Libya to free six Bulgarians sentenced to death earlier this year.

Gaddafi blasted Europeans for abusing African immigrants on Tuesday.

More… Fausta has the Gaddafi Tent photo.

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