Typical… Leftist Sansara Taylor Celebrates Good News From Iraq By Attacking Troops

Laura Ingraham spars with Sansara Taylor a leader of the World Can’t Wait Marxist group on the O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday night.

Sansara Taylor says the only good news coming from Iraq is that people are standing up and resisting the crimes of this government. Taylor also says she cannot support the war criminals in the US military.

Laura Ingraham will have none of it:

Earlier this year the antiwar activist Sansara Taylor attacked the Bush Regime for crushing baby testicles.


How do you suppose Sansara would react to the front page from today’s The New York Times?

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At least the NY Times can admit to the good news coming from Iraq- something the Far Left and Democrats are unable to do.
Hat Tip American Freedom

** The Fishwrap has a roundup on today’s Democratic blubbering about defeat.

MORE… HotAir has more on commie chick Sansara.

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