TIME Magazine: Quit Spreading Lies!! Retract Your Bogus Story!!

It’s been nearly 48 hours since TIME Magazine published their “20 beheaded bodies” story. It is a lie.
It never happened.

TIME Magazine needs to choose whether they are going to believe the Multi-National Force Iraq, the Iraqi government, the Iraqi media and the BBC?…
Or, is TIME going to believe some discredited radical who is feeding them lies?

Please Help— Insist that TIME Magazine correct its false Iraq report.

Here is a quick Timeline to Truth behind this bogus report by TIME Magazine:


On Monday the mainstream media picked up on a “20 headless bodies” story.

By Monday night the BBC had already retracted the story after “Iraqi police denied earlier reports that 20 headless bodies had been found dumped near Baquba.”

On Tuesday, MNF-Iraq spokesman Maj. Winfield Danielson confirmed that after investigating the “20 headless bodies” story, “Multi-National Force Iraq has no record that this incident took place yesterday near Baquba (Bakubah).”

However, Late Tuesday TIME reported this on October 30, 2007:

The horrible discovery in Diyala Province Monday was disturbing even by the standards of Iraq’s running sectarian violence. Iraqi police said they found 20 decapitated bodies dumped near a police station west of Baquba, the capital of Diyala province. That same day a suicide bomber on a bicycle careened into a Baquba police station, killing 29.

The violence was of course nothing new, especially for the Baquba area, which remains the most troubled region in Iraq outside Baghdad. But the bloodshed showed how the success of the surge of U.S. forces in Baghdad and Anbar Province nine months on has perhaps gone as far as it can toward controlling Iraq’s violence…

The prognosis for Iraq, barring a dynamic transformation on the part of the Iraqi government very soon, is grimly apparent. As U.S. forces lessen their presence in the coming months, killings of the kind seen Monday in Diyala will persist there and most likely spread to areas calmed by the increase of U.S. forces…

On Wednesday, after reading the TIME report, another call was made to MNF-Iraq and again Major Danielson told me that they had not received any word from Iraqi authorities that this event took place. (This is two days after the bodies were supposedly discovered.) Major Danielson also explained that if there was a record of this event that MNF-I would have seen the report. They have not seen any follow up report on this incident.
** There was no evidence of this event.
** There was no official report on this event.
** There were no photos of this event.

Then, On Wednesday Alphabet City sent the news that the Iraqi security officials and Iraqi news (Aswat Aliraq) reported that the “20 headless bodies” story was false. It never happened.

TIME Magazine was notified Wednesday by readers here that their report was bogus.
They still have not retracted their story.
I am asking that you help me insist that TIME Magazine correct or retract their false report.
Here, again, is the contact email for TIME:

Letters to the editor: [email protected]

Insist that TIME Magazine correct or retract its bogus report!

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