The Secret Al-Dura Tape Revealed in French Court (Video)

In September 2002 France 2 claimed that they witnessed the killing of a young Palestinian boy by Israeli soldiers. The video clip and photos made headlines around the world and, of course, caused outrage against Israel.

Later Professor Richard Landes and others began to question the evidence in the tape. That investigation is HERE.
France 2 is now on trial in Paris for their Al-Dura report.

The Al-Dura footage that France 2 did not want to share with the public was shown in court today.

The tape that was shown in court today of the “lost minutes” was clearly cut up before it was played for the jury. Several witnesses, including Richard Landes, described the scene today:

Richard Landes was in court today and said the tape totally discredited the France 2 report on the death of the Palestinian child.


Honest Reporting has the timeline to the Al-Dura story arranged by Richard Landes on their website:

The iconic images of Muhammad al-Dura’s alleged death in Gaza inflamed Palestinian sentiment and provoked terrible bloodshed. Despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel was not responsible for firing the bullets that hit al-Dura, and doubts as to the credibility of the footage taken from the scene, this blood libel has continued to prevail.

The complete timeline of the Al-Dura incident is posted the Honest Reporting website.

IDF Demands Uncut Version of Controversial Al-Dura Tape

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