Surprise! Another Clinton Donor Scandal… This Time With Links to CNN (Big Update!!)

BIG Update below…
Another day, another Clinton donor stinker.

Bill, Hill and Vinod Gupta.
This family picture was taken before Vinod Gupta’s firm InfoUSA bought Opinion Research Corporation a marketing firm which conducts polling for CNN. (Theodore’s World)

A lawsuit filed by shareholders of InfoUSA last year claims that Clinton supporter Vinod Gupta abused company assets and resources which he spent lavishly on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This news that there will be an SEC investigation into InfoUSA was announced yesterday.
The Washington Post reported on the SEC investigation:


The Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an investigation into InfoUSA, a Nebraska company that used corporate funds to fly Hillary Rodham Clinton around the country, and one of only two companies to put Bill Clinton on its payroll after he left the White House.

The firm, a major provider of database-processing services, disclosed little about the nature of the probe in a filing to shareholders released yesterday.

The two-sentence filing said only that InfoUSA received a letter last week “informing the Company that the SEC is conducting an informal investigation . . . and is requesting the voluntary production of documents relating to related party transactions, expense reimbursement, other corporate expenditures and certain trading in the Company’s securities.”

Two sources familiar with the company’s troubles suggested that investigators would focus their attention on executives’ use of company money to feather their own nests. Gupta has been a major financial supporter of the Clintons since he met the president in the mid-1990s. Gupta and his company donated $1 million to help underwrite a lavish year 2000 New Year’s Eve celebration at the White House and on the Mall.

He paid the former president $200,000 to deliver a speech to InfoUSA executives in Papillion, Neb., and signed the former president to a $3.3 million consulting deal. For the past four years, both Clintons have used Gupta’s corporate plane, flying to Switzerland, Hawaii, Jamaica and Mexico — about $900,000 worth of travel, The Post reported in May.

Bill and buddy Vinod (Theodore’s World)

That’s not all…
The Clinton’s were taking funds from a company that makes a profit off of bilking senior citizens:

The company has come under scrutiny not only for Gupta’s spending habits. The Times reported last week that customer data sold by the company had been used by thieves to bilk older people. The company said it would take steps to assure such a sale would not occur again.

Dick Morris had much more on the Clinton’s ties to the scandal-plagued firm.

Prairie Pundit has more on this latest Clinton donor scandal.

UPDATE: Sorry to slime your Thanksgiving but check this out on the latest Clinton shenanigans…
The Blotter reported earlier this week that the Clinton’s were selling the Clinton library donor list to their good pals at InfoUSA:

Three years after the William J. Clinton Presidential Library opened its doors, the list of donors who helped the former president build his $165 million complex remains a secret from the public.

Yet the Blotter on has learned that the Clinton Foundation sold portions of the list through a data company headed by a longtime friend and donor.

“The fact that they’ve sold the list and then turned around and said that these names must be kept anonymous completely undercuts their argument,” said Sheila Krumholz of the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington, D.C.-based government watchdog group that tracks the influence of money in politics.

An employee of Walter Karl, a subsidiary of the data company InfoUSA, told that the company made a list of more than 38,000 donors to the Clinton presidential library available for sale to foundations and other nonprofit groups from June 2006 to May 2007. A spokesman for the company would not say how the profits from the sale of the partial list were distributed.

It is interesting… The Clinton’s won’t release information on Hillary’s years in the White House but sold library donor information through a shady marketing firm – for a hefty profit.

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