Strange Al-Qaeda Execution of Security Guard & His Wife in Iraq (Updated)

Authorities in Iraq reported on a strange and brutal Al Qaeda slaughter and beheading.
Two sisters were so enraged with their cousin for wearing western style pants that they beheaded him and his wife in front of their children(?)

Sorry… I’m not buying it.
Richard Holt in The Telegraph reported:

Two sisters beheaded their own uncle and his wife in front of the couple’s children because the man wore Western-style trousers, according to Iraqi police.

The suspected al-Qa’eda militants told investigators that Youssef al-Hayali was an infidel because he did not pray and wear appropriate clothing.

He was executed along with his wife Zeinab Kamel at the school in Diyala province northwest of Baghdad where Mr Hayali worked as a security guard.

Reuters had more on the beheadings:


Three suspected al Qaeda militants, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle and his wife, forcing the couple’s children to watch, Iraqi police said on Friday.

The militants considered that school guard Youssef al-Hayali was an infidel because he did not pray and wore western-style trousers, they told police interrogators after being arrested in Diyala province northwest of Baghdad.

The three cousins executed Hayali and his wife Zeinab Kamel at the all-boys school in Jalawlah in Diyala province, village police chief Captain Ahmed Khalifa said.

No further details were available.

These were the only two reports on the story.
So 3 Al Qaeda members including 2 women behead their cousin for wearing western pants? They must be some mean-ass sisters.
You’d think he would have stayed clear from them if he had any sense.

I am hoping to hear more from MNF-I and will post it when I do.

UPDATED: (10 PM CST) I just received two emails.
Here is one from Sgt. Rivera, MND-B PAO Journalist:

Jim, I just finished checking all my events from yesterday and today and
have nothing on the case, officially or non-officially. It’s the first
time I hear of it. Sorry can’t confirm or unconfirm.
Sgt. Rivera

And, here is one from MNF-I:

We do have an Operational report that confirms that Youssef al-Hayali and his wife were killed at that location. We do not have the details in our report that the article claims.

I stand corrected.
I assumed it was another one of those horrible beheadings reported by the media that turned out to be bogus.

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