"Redacted Tanks…. Vets For Freedom Leader Lt. Pete Hegseth Weighs In

Lt. Pete Hegseth executive director of Vets For Freedom talks with Laura Ingraham on The O’Reilly Factor about the anti-American movie “Redacted”:

Lt. Pete Hegseth said this about the anti-American movie:

The troops in Iraq are too busy making progress with the counter-insurgency strategy over there that isn’t being reported upon. So they don’t pay much attention to it…

Rarely do you see a film like this with such gross distortions… What happened was that a horrendous act occurred with this murder and rape and what Brian De Palma did was turn that into a depiction of what most American soldiers do over there.”

And, then he said that the investigating officers tried to cover it up when in fact the American military identified the incident, came in and slammed these guys. These guys are in locked prison for life.

“Redacted” brought in a whopping $26,000 in its opening weekend (via FOX News).

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