Muslim Republican Summer Kamal Speaks Out at YAF Weekend

The young conservatives posed for a few photos out on the lawn at the DoubleTree Hotel in Santa Barbara today at the West Coast Leadership Conference of the Young America’s Foundation:

The student leaders at the conference were very impressive. It is not easy being a conservative on US universities at this time and the radical Left’s tactics to silence opposing views are more common than ever. One student stood out at the conference. Summer Kamal is a Palestinian-American Muslim and a Republican leader on her campus.

YAF member Summer Kamal spoke out about being a Muslim and Republican on campus today. Summer explains how white liberals tell her she is racist against Arabs when she tells them she is for the war when she herself is Arab. She also spoke out against the liberals who are supporting the radicals in Islam saying- “It’s got to stop!”

A couple of YAF students stopped to talk about their plans after school. Michael Major (in the hat) has made plans for Marine officer’s training after graduation. Rachel Miller is a student leader from Illinois.


This afternoon John Ashcroft and Joel Surnow, the creator and executive producer of “24”, will be speaking.
Ace has a roundup posted on the weekend.

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