More Reason to Panic– Violent Deaths in Iraq Are Down Again

Michael Yon says Al-Qaeda in Iraq is beat.
Osama says Al-Qaeda in Iraq is beat.
The numbers say Al-Qaeda in Iraq is beat:

But… Democrats say the US is failing.
(They said that today, by the way.)

Democrats are already in a panic–
Today’s news won’t help them any.

The Iraqi Government announced today that violent deaths in Iraq are down.
Aswat Al-Iraq reported:


Baghdad, Nov 1, (VOI) – Iraqi civilian casualties significantly dropped in October 2007, a month in which U.S. casualties also declined and Iraqi security forces’ fatalities increased, according to joint statistics by the Iraqi ministries of interior, health, and defense.

“A total of 758 civilians were killed in October, down from 844 in September 2007,” according to official figures received by the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

U.S. casualties also declined. Tallies of U.S. deaths reported 36 fatalities in October, compared to 66 in September. October’s total is the lowest since March 2006, when only 33 U.S. troops were reported dead.

“Casualties among Iraqi police forces rose from 62 to 117 but dropped among army personnel from 16 to 13 during the same period,” official figures read.
Regarding the number of detainees held in Iraqi prisons, reports said that 1,427 were arrested in October, down from 1,514 in September.

This follows the news yesterday that US deaths in Iraq were down:

The US death toll in Iraq fell to its lowest level in nearly two years in October.

More… Michael Totten has another essay on his stay in Iraq.
Here’s a good line:

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Silverman… defended the media’s often negative coverage point blank when I asked him what he thought of it. “It’s true that the media doesn’t have the same agenda in Iraq that we do,” he said, “but I’m not sure it’s the media’s job to have the same agenda in Iraq that we do.”


STILL MORE… The War In Iraq Has Been Won:

Iraq’s official estimate of civilian deaths from violence is now about 25 a day.

In South Africa, with twice the population, the official murder toll is 52 a day. That’s a rate of killing equal to Iraq’s.

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