Leftist Radicals Join Palestinians In Attacks on Jews

You just knew this was coming….
Radical leftists joined Islamists in destoying Jewish property in the West Bank.

This is all that now remains of שלומי כהן Shlomi Cohen’s vineyard after a hundred left wing activists and their Arab allies including the Governor of Ramallah destroyed and trampled 5000 grape vines, set fires burning irrigation equipment and sprinklers. They did not come alone. They brought press photographers with them to document what they did and take photos. The reason for the attack? Shlomi Cohen is a Jewish landowner. And Jewish farmers must be driven out –Sultan Knish.

After the Jewish settlers found their crops destroyed by the leftists, they discovered that a local synagogue had been torched to the ground.

Three British “humanitarians” were later arrested for property destruction.


Haaretz and IMRA reported:

The new report lists a series of cases in which “Israeli and international leftist groups were clearly involved in incidents of rioting that damaged agricultural plots of Jews in Judea and Samaria.”

This claim proved correct in at least two of the cases Haaretz checked. For example, in the course of a protest march by leftists, anarchists and Arabs on August 22, dozens broke into Shlomi Cohen’s vineyard at Neria and uprooted some 5,000 vine saplings.

On October 17, a left-wing activist was caught along with Arabs from the West Bank in the act of setting several fires around the illegal outpost Havat Gilad.

There are indications of leftists’ involvement in several other cases, and police sources confirm the matter, but no suspects have been arrested.

A majority of police files opened following complaints by Jewish farmers are closed on the ground of “perpetrator unknown,” and most of the handful of cases that result in arrests are usually closed for lack of evidence. Sometimes cases are closed for “lack of public interest.”

According to the report, investigations in these cases sometimes take an unexpected turn, when Arabs under interrogation for committing terrorist attacks reveal they were also involved in sabotaging Jewish farmers’ property.

A burned irrigation pipeline in the West Bank. (Arutz Sheva)

The report claims that nothing is being done to deter “potential Arab offenders,” and that police officers respond slowly to complaints of vandalism. Furthermore, police do not devote intelligence resources to dealing with this issue, nor generally “makes use of the Shin Bet’s intelligence operation.”

A police spokesman said in response “the actions the police take against Palestinian and Israeli law offenders who damage the property or produce of farmers on either side makes no distinction between the sides.”

Maine Indymedia reported that the local Palestinian mayor joined the Leftists in the attacks:

Left-wing extremists from the International Solidarity Movement and PA Arabs destroyed thousands of grape vines belonging to local Jews in Samaria Wednesday.

Some one hundred Arabs and leftists, along with dozens of Arab TV crews certified by various news agencies, marched to a Jewish vineyard near the town of Dolev, northwest of Jerusalem, and proceed to systematically uproot and destroy thousands of young grapevines. The PA- appointed mayor of Ramallah took part in the march.

The phenomenon of left-wing extremists, from both Israel, Europe and the United States, destroying Jewish vineyards and orchards in Judea and Samaria, though widespread, …has never appeared in foreign news agency reports.

** In April 2003 two British terrorists and “peace activists” associated with the International Solidarity Movement blew themselves up inside Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv.

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