Kuwait Slams IFAW in Speech at UN General Assembly

The Kuwaiti delegation protested Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week on Wednesday during their speech to the UN General Assembly. The Kuwaitis pushed the international community to take a stand against such racial sedition.
Gulf in the Media reported:

Kuwait condemned a campaign launched by some American universities against Islam and called on the International Community to take a firm stand against such racial measures.

This came in the Kuwaiti delegation’s speech addressed by Khaled Bader Al-Khalifa, late on Wednesday, at the United Nations General Assembly on the Culture of Peace.

He said one must firmly stand against those who seek racial and religious sedition because such acts represent a serious threat to the efforts made to spread the culture of peace.

The Kuwaiti official welcomed all efforts to support the culture of peace by UN member states and the major role carried out by the general assembly in this respect.

Al-Khalifa touched on the significant role that could be played by the media and educational institutes to create a generation that condemns violence and hatred and can effectively spread the culture of peace.

He said Kuwait is sparing no efforts to spread the understanding of “moderation in Islam” where the cabinet issued a decision to form a committee aimed at spreading the understanding of moderation.

In related news, Jihad Watch reports on a hateful rant against IFAW by Abukar Arman, “a freelance writer who lives in Ohio.”
Abukar is short on facts and big on slander.

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