J. R. Salzman "Lumberjack in The Desert" Promises a Comeback

In the summer of 2005 JR Salzman won his 14th medal at the Great Outdoor Games and tied for the most medals ever won there. JR won the ESPY Award for “Best Outdoor Sport’s Athlete” from ESPN that year. He even got to be in a movie and log roll with Steve Martin.

But, later that year, in the fall of 2005 JR was called to serve his country in Iraq.
Soon life would change for this “Lumberjack in the Desert”.

Despite losing his right hand in Iraq, a UW-Stout student has no regrets about serving his country. Now he’s set his sights on a teaching career and a return to logrolling. (Photo- Leader Telegram)

I was priveleged to meet J.R. Salzman at the Milblog Conference in Washington DC earlier this year. I was amazed at his positive attitude and courage after all that he had been through.


This Veteran’s Day ESPN ran a segment on “The Lumberjack in the Desert.”
It is an incredible story about a remarkable young man:

Bryan at HotAir has more on this American hero.

MORE… ESPN has a spread on “The Recovery of JR Salzman.”

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