Iraqi Rocket Fire At Lowest Levels in Two Years

More bad news for the white flag democrats…
Iraqi mortar and rocket fire is at its lowest level in nearly two years.
The BBC reported:

Rocket and mortar attacks in Iraq are reported to have fallen to their lowest levels for nearly two years.
The US military said such attacks in October fell to 369, half the level during October 2006. This is the third month running of reduced rocket fire.

Mortar and rocket attacks in Baghdad showed a similar pattern, falling to 53 in October from more than 200 in June.

US officials said this was in part due to the US troop surge for the capital launched in February.

Other reasons for the reduction were the discovery of arms caches following tip-offs from Iraqis, the killing of more insurgents and successful reconciliation campaigns, US military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel James Rikard said.

In other news on Sunday… U.S. and Iraqi forces captured more than 200 suspected terrorists in four provinces of northern Iraq.

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