Iraqi Media: Lovely Terrorist Bride Was Mahdi Army Member

All dressed up and ready to kill.
What should have been “her” most memorable day, ended in a public defrocking.

Sadly, the lovely bride was not able to enjoy her honeymoon.

Iraqi has more on the lovely terrorist bride who was captured this week while traveling in drag:

Iraqi security forces arrest a fake wedding procession. With fake bride (a man disguised as a bride) and groom who are wanted outlaws. The fake bride is one of the son’s of infamous Mahdi Army leader and killer of many Sunnis, Abu-Deraa, who is now hiding in Iran. The rest of the thugs are more leaders in the disbanded Mahdi Army who may have blood on their hands or who have not obeyed the orders from Muqtada to stop hostilities? They were on their way to join Abu-Derra in Iran, to escape the law.

Thanks to Iraqi-American Haider Ajina for the rest of this bridal story.


She looked stunning, the floral arrangement was perfect.

The jazzed up car for the wedding party.

The wedding party.

Humiliated and defrocked, the Mahdi Army bride is now on the way to the clanker.
Her honeymoon will just have to wait.

Terrorist Bride Captured Near Baghdad On Way to Honeymoon

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