How Embarrassing!… "Dead" Iraqis Show Up at Press Conference– Smile & Wave For Cameras!

How Embarrassing!

Picture this…

** You report to the international news agencies that 11 of your family members in Iraq have been slaughtered!
** You hold several press conferences and gain great sympathy.



** You become an overnight sensation with the antiwar media.
** You‘ve never had so much sympathy and attention in all your life.
** You even get a state funeral in Jordan where you make a living as a Baathist anti-Iraq War journalist.

(Awad Awad, Deseret)

** You get photos taken of you and your official government guest sobbing in grief.
** You hold more press conferences for the dozens of media personnel wanting to hear more about the horrible slaughter of your family members back in Baghdad.

** Your supposedly dead family members back in Baghdad show up and wave and smile for the cameras!

(Much thanks to my friend Iraqi-American Haider Ajina for forwarding the article with the family picture from the Iraqi Barutha News.)

The sad thing is… The original story made headlines around the world, but this photo correction will not even make the back page.

UPDATE: Aswat Aliraq reports: Arrest Warrant For Diaa al-Kawwaz!!

Iraqi-American Haider Ajina informs me that according to Barutha News the Iraqi Government (Interior Ministry) has requested and recieved an arrest warrant for Dia al-Kawwaz (Dhia Alkoozi).

Haider adds: “What a change. What a change. All thanks to our men and women serving in Iraq and the Iraqis who are getting a taste of human dignity and human rights and the rule of law….”

More here.

UPDATE: Bill Roggio has thoughts related to this bogus media report at Weekly Standard Blog.

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