Hillary Sandwiched!… Maid-Rite Waitress Gets Stiffed

Hillary snarfed the french fries–
But, stiffed the waitress at the Toledo Maid-Rite.

Hillary Clinton tucks in at the Maid-Rite luncheonette, where she ‘bumped’ into a hard-working waitress. (Telegraph)

Sam Stein from the Huffington Post talked with Maidrite waitress Anita Esterday about getting stiffed by Hillary:

Sam Stein: But could you set the record straight about the tip? Your manager says they left something but you contend it never happened.

Anita Esterday: If your phone is ringing from six in the morning till four in the afternoon and customers are saying what’s wrong, the telephone lines are down, and it’s because reporters are trying to get through, you say whatever you have to say [to get them to go away]. I don’t know if they left a $100 tip or not but I haven’t seen it yet. And none of the other waitresses have said they got the tip. [Editor’s Note: after the tip controversy became a national story, the Clinton campaign returned to the restaurant and left $20].

Sam Stein: Sen. Clinton talked about you – following this incident – in some of her speeches about women earning minimum wage and you seemed upset about it.

Anita Esterday: To all the politicians, if you talk to somebody and maybe their life interests you, don’t just go down the road then and use them as part of your speech to get votes. I was never even asked that day if I’m a Democrat or a Republican or whatever. I was never asked whom I was behind. And then to go down and be called up that night [in a speech by Clinton], was I angry about it? Yes I was. Don’t get me wrong they called me a few days later to ask if they could use me in the speech. And they sent me a release form, but they were already using me. So what the hell, I signed it.

The Hillary Clinton campaign said that they left a tip – $100.
They later said they dropped off $20.


L. Brent Bozell III says it’s about time the media stops the whitewash” of Hillary.

Juandos and Dick Morris give Hillary the hypocrite of the year award.

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