Friday Morning at the Reagan Ranch –Updated With Photos

The framed photo hanging in the Reagan Ranch shed shows Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in a pose from “Gone With the Wind.” The British press published the mock poster but Reagan liked it so much he had it framed and displayed it next to where he hung his saddles.

I’m in Santa Barbara and am heading over the the Reagan Ranch this morning with Jason Mattara and the Young America’s Foundation.

The horrible news today from Syria and Venezuela ought to make this trip to the Reagan Ranch on “Freedom Week” even more impactful.
I hope to post more later.


If you haven’t seen this yet, here is a great video from YAF celebrating Freedom Week- the Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away… from extinction.”
-Ronald Reagan

Meanwhile… here is some important news for your Friday:

A Florida school will Honor Conscientious Objectors during Veteran’s Day ceremonies!!

Thousands of Palestinians apply for Israeli citizenship(?)

Rep. John Conyers and Michael Moore push universal health care.

Another Leftist Hoax— This time on global warming.

Goofy Ron Paul calls the surge a “failure”.

** Rebel diplomats disgrace the State Department

*** Democrats Vow to Lose Iraq War Now That We’re Winning!

And… Tomorrow is the 232nd Anniversary of the US Marine Corps.


Outside the Reagan Ranch with student leaders from the Young America’s Foundation.

This is the jeep that President Reagan drove Barbara Walters around in during a memorable interview.

Now this is a memorable photo…

Ronald and Nancy Reagan invited Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev to the ranch while Reagan was in office. Gorbachev, not used to proper cowboy attire, put his hat on backwards. Reagan said nothing.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain at the Washington Times has more on the tour today.

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