Democrats Cause Pentagon To Make Plans For Civilian Layoffs

The US military is making plans for civilian layoffs because Democrats will not fund the troops at war.

The Pentagon has its civilian layoff plan in place.
Notices will be sent out before the Christmas holiday.

An Army announcement was posted yesterday showing the planned layoffs due to democratic politics -via Think Progress.

Despite the clear proof of success in Iraq, Democrats continue to insist that no war funds will be approved until Bush accepts defeat.
The Washington Post reported:


The Defense Department warned yesterday that as many as 200,000 contractors and civilian employees will begin receiving layoff warnings by Christmas unless Congress acts on President Bush’s $196 billion war request, but senior Democrats said no war funds will be approved until Bush accepts a shift in his Iraq policy.

Skirmishing over war funding has continued for nearly a year, but the White House and Congress appear ready to push toward a showdown in the coming weeks. Democratic leaders are convinced that Congress’s abysmal approval ratings stem in large part from its inability to force Bush to change his approach in Iraq. But with violence declining in Iraq, Republicans believe they are in an even stronger position to stay the course.

White House and Pentagon officials stress that further delays are already slowing the development of countermeasures for roadside bombs and raising the imminent prospect of idle military maintenance depots, canceled training exercises and shuttered facilities at military bases.

“We are calling on Congress and the Democrats in Congress to send the president supplemental war funding without arbitrary surrender dates and without micromanaging the war before they leave for their next vacation,” White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

“It’s an extraordinarily desperate situation,” Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said.

Democrats said the remarks are hyperbolic propaganda driven by politics, not policy.

The delays in funding by the Democrats are already causing problems in the department that develops equipment to counter IED attacks.
This will delay new technology from reaching the troops-
-And, this means more US troops will die.

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