Dem Leader Dodd Says: We Should Stop Financing Troops at War

Democrats show their support for the troops…

Democrats vow to push for defeat in Iraq despite the amazing progress in the last 6 months.

And, Democratic leader and presidential candidate Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut is now proposing that Congress should defund the troops fighting in Iraq.
The New York Times reported:

All signs indicate that Democrats will continue proposing such (defeatist) measures as long as Mr. Bush remains in office and troops remain in Iraq. “We are going to keep plugging away,” said Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Democratic lawmakers and strategists on Capitol Hill said their hope was that even if Republican support for Mr. Bush’s strategy held firm, voters would reward Democrats for their efforts at the polls next November, and that there was no risk to failing again and again.

Some, including Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the Democratic conference chairman, argue that Congressional Democrats are the only ones putting real pressure on the Iraqi government to end sectarian violence and stabilize the country.

But other Democrats see a big risk. “There is a lot of unease and disappointment,” said Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, who is running for president. “The perception is that we are not leading on this issue. I get it every single day, wherever I go.”

Mr. Dodd said lawmakers should just stop financing for the war. “Congress has one authority here, and that’s the funding,” he said. “The founders never intended for us as a body together to manage a conflict.” Mr. Dodd voted to block the spending measure.

The poor democrats have got themselves in a pickle.
Even The Washington Post admits that the situation in Iraq is improving.
But, Democrats just can’t see the obvious improvements.
They are too blinded by their defeatism.

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