CNN Pre-Planned & Censored Every Question at Dem Debate!

It looks like Dan Riehl was on to something.
CNN did an awful lot of pre-planning before last night’s Las Vegas production.

Doug Ross reported– Andy writes to point out the eerie similarities between Maria L. Parra-Sandoval and “Maria Luisa.” Regarding Ms. Parra-Sandoval, the UNLV website states:

This spring she will serve as the political communications intern for Senator Harry Reid in Washington, D.C. Currently a junior at UNLV, Maria is… is an immigrant on a quest to become a United States citizen.

In other words, she’s not even eligible to vote.

Maria Luisa, (pictured) the UNLV student who asked Hillary Clinton whether she preferred “diamonds or pearls” last night, wrote on her MySpace page today that every question in last night’s debate was pre-planned and censored.
The Atlantic reported:


“CNN ran out of time and used me to “close” the debate with the pearls/diamonds question. Seconds later this girl comes up to me and says, “you gave our school a bad reputation.’ Well, I had to explain to her that every question from the audience was pre-planned and censored. That’s what the media does. See, the media chose what they wanted, not what the people or audience really wanted. That’s politics; that’s reality. So, if you want to read about real issues important to America–and the whole world, I suggest you pick up a copy of the Economist or the New York Times or some other independent source. If you want me to explain to you how the media works, I am more than happy to do so. But do not judge me or my integrity based on that question.”

Well, it wasn’t the first time that CNN pulled this trick at a Democratic debate.

TPM confirms that CNN planted the “diamonds and pearls” question.
…Is there anyone out there who still wonders why they call CNN the Clinton News Network?

Matt Lewis at Townhall thinks that Hillary has her best friend… and he’s not talking about jewelry.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has several CNN updates.

Classical Values reports on CNN debate plant Khalid Khan who is the head of the Islamic Society of Nevada.

Khalid Khan gets the spotlight at the CNN debate, via HotAir. And, go figure, Khan also appeared on CNN last year.

Dan Riehl discovers Clinton-friendly debate plant and Arkansas democratic party leader LaShannon Spencer.

LaShannon Spencer last night (on left) “undecided” and Clinton supporter back in 2003 (on right) getting out the vote.

Dan Riehl also discovers why the crowd was so Clinton-friendly.
HotAir has more on the democratic party officer and random CNN questioner.
Lonewacko finds an error in CNN’s immigration question.

As, HotAir reported, Wolf Blitzer described all of the questioners as “ordinary people, undecided voters… Not even ‘undecided Democrats,’ just undecided voters.”

Wow! Doug Ross has a great roundup on the CNN plants.

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