CNN Debate: Not Just a Couple Plants– But a Bumper Crop!

(Updated and Bumped)
CNN offered a basket full of Democratic Plants for the holidays…

That basket is starting to fill up fast… and that’s without the CAIR plant.

So… Was the fact that former Democratic intern Ted Faturos asked about corn subsidies a clue that he was a CNN plant?

In this image taken from CNN, Ted Faturos of Manhattan Beach, Calif. asks a question during a CNN and YouTube sponsored Republican debate in St. Petersburgh, Fla. on Wednesday Nov. 28, 2007. People from across the United States submitted more than 3,500 videos posing questions; about 40 were to be broadcast in the unusual gathering six weeks before voting begins. (AP Photo/CNN)

FOX News reported:

It turns out Kerr wasn’t the only Democratic supporter asking questions. Ted Faturos, 20, a student at University of California, San Diego, asked a question about corn subsidies. It turns out the urban studies and planning major also worked as an intern for Democratic Rep. Jane Harman. John Hess, Harman’s chief of staff, issued a statement Thursday saying Faturos is no longer affiliated with the office.

“Ted Faturos was a high school intern in our district office for the summer of 2004 only and has had no connection to the office or contact with the congresswoman since,” Hess said.

Hat Tip to Suzie who has more on the plants.
Here’s the former Harman intern:

Powerline reports on a Richardson supporter at the debate to add to the box of CNN plants.
After all, what’s a Republican debate without a gaggle of democratic operatives asking the questions?

Jason Coleman has another Bush-hating John Edwards supporter who aspires to write TV in California… He ought to fit right in.
Here’s CNN plant David McMillan at an Obama rally:

And, here is the Bush-hater asking a question last night:

His CNN video is HERE.

This CNN plant, Adam Florzak, quit his job with Caterpillar to work with Democratic Senator Dick Durbin on Social Security:

His CNN page is HERE.

From Davenport, CNN plant Mark Strauss is a Richardson supporter:

His CNN page HERE.

Add those to the Democratic operatives discussed earlier:
The Hillary steering committee member and gay rights activist:

A John Edwards supporter:

A Obama supporter and gay rights activist:

A prominent Pittsburgh union activist and Edward’s supporter:

Her CNN video HERE.

RedState has more plants and wants heads to roll!

Figures…. Hillary Clinton Has Plant at Republican Debate, Too!
Gay Activist Was Previous Guest on CNN

UPDATE: (Friday) Michelle Malkin writes on CNN’s own ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy today.

Glenn Reynolds notes how almost one third of the questions during the CNN debate came from democratic operatives.

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