Chavez Continues Threats Against Alvaro Uribe and Colombia

With support dwindling for his Marxist policies at home, Chavez again attacked the Colombian government on Monday hoping to whip up populist sentiment against his neighbor.

Demonstrators burn tires at a protest against constitutional reforms proposed by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez in Valencia, Venezuela, Monday, Nov. 26, 2007. Venezuelans will vote this Dec. 2 on the changes to the constitution. (AP Photo/Juan Carlos Hernandez)

Investor’s Business Daily reported on the latest attacks against Colombia by the Venezuelan dictator:

In telling Chavez that his services would no longer be needed, Colombia President Alvaro Uribe was firm but polite. He thanked Chavez for his “help” in seeking a swap between 500 FARC guerrillas in jail in Colombia and some 45 “high value” hostages being held by the same terrorists who’ve been at war with Colombia since 1964.

But as a mediator, Chavez proved he could keep neither a promise nor a secret, mainly because it was a fiction to think he could be partial. But the blow to his ego obscured any knowledge of that. “Colombia has spit in our faces,” he said.

In theory, a mediator should persuade two sides to each give up something to achieve a common end. The only one who gave up anything, however, was Uribe, who watched Chavez cavort with terrorists before TV cameras, giving them a legitimacy in Caracas they never had known.

Even worse, Chavez proved to be acting as an agent of the terrorists. Uribe’s sudden cutoff of the mediation effort at a hastily organized press conference last Wednesday suggested disturbing new information.

On Sunday, Chavez confirmed it: “I think Colombia deserves another president, it deserves a better president,” he said.

That followed a discussion in a U.S. prison between extradited FARC terrorist Ricardo Palmera, aka “Simon Trinidad” (pictured) and another mediator and Chavez ally appointed by Uribe, Senator Piedad Cordoba. They discussed “a transitional government” with the terrorist as a bargaining chip for the hostage swap.

On Monday, Chavez repeated what he had in mind to make sure Uribe understood. “Reconciliation is impossible,” he said. “We have to wait for a new government in Colombia we can talk with. I hope it arrives sooner rather than later.”

Colombians are understandably concerned with these developments.
A proud Colombian wrote in earlier:


Speaking as a Colombian, Pres. Uribe makes me proud!!!!! How sad that there are people on this planet ignorant and foolish enough to even give an animal the likes of Chavez the time of day let alone the ability to control, ergo destroy, a nation such as beautiful Venezuela, let alone try to put his filthy paws onto a proud country such as Colombia. He is out to ruin South America and the rest of the continent if possible. I pray the Democrats in the US are able to see the truth behind his words and actions and leave him in the manure he is spewing and creating and completely support a man as solid as Pres. Uribe. Viva Colombia y la muerte a los quienes quieren danarla!!! Oiga Chavez!!!

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