Breaking: Republicans Are Really Socialist Cut-&-Runners!

According to TIME Magazine and
Obama winning over Republicans despite liberal record

That’s right!
Republicans are really attracted to Barak Obama’s Far Left voting record and socialist policies!
He’s got a nice smile. That’s what really counts.
Time reported:

Dave Filipi, a 48-year-old family doctor, made his way to the back room of McKenna’s Blues Bar near the University of Nebraska’s Omaha campus. Nervously smoothing his suit, he lingered in the doorway. “To be honest, I’m a Republican,” Filipi sheepishly said as two dozen curious faces swung around toward him.

“Trust me, you’re not the only one here,” Solomon Kleinsmith, the head of the group Nebraskans for Obama and himself a lifelong Republican, replied with a chuckle. “Come, sit down.”

Political organizing for Democrats in red states like Nebraska can often feel a bit like leading AA meetings. But that hasn’t deterred more than 300 Nebraskans from forming a dozen groups for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and they aren’t the only ones. On Monday, the Obama campaign announced that over 300 Iowa and New Hampshire Republicans had decided to cross party lines to support Obama. At Obama events in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia and Georgia, a good 20% of audiences routinely raise their hands when emcees ask for Republicans in the crowd. A “Republicans for Obama” website has 11 state chapters with 146 members. An August University of Iowa even found Obama running third in the state among Republican candidates, behind Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani but ahead of both Fred Thompson and John McCain. And a national Gallup poll this month also found that nearly as many Republicans like Obama — 39% — than the 43% that dislike him, compared with the 78% of Republicans who held an unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton…

Where have I been?
Here, I’ve been fooling myself all these years thinking I was for capitalism, small government, secure borders, strong defense, taxcuts, and Christian principles.
Thank goodness TIME Magazine straightened me out.

Go Barak!
Out of Iraq-Into Pakistan
Appease the Mullahs. Yeah!

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