Blogger Victory: Egyptian Police Jailed For Sexual Abuse of Prisoner

The two Egyptian policemen who sexually assaulted prisoner Imad Kabir with a broomstick were sentenced to three years in prison this week.

The violent scene of Imad writhing in agony as he was being sodomised with a broomstick was filmed and later circulated on the Egyptian blogs.

The Egyptian victim of the violent police abuse, Imad Kabir (pictured above), was sentenced last year to three months in jail for resisting the abuse!

The BBC reported on this week’s ruling:


Two Egyptian policemen have been jailed for three years each for torturing a bus driver during police custody. The police officers filmed the sexual assault of Emad al-Kebir, 22, on a mobile phone. The footage eventually emerged on the internet.

The case is one of several notorious incidents of abuse by the security forces to be uncovered in Egypt, mostly driven by activist bloggers.

Mr Kebir, who was in court to hear the verdicts, welcomed the ruling.

“God is great! Thank God!” he said. “I regained my rights. I don’t want anything more than that.”

The police officers, Capt Islam Nabih and non-commissioned officer Reda Fathi, sexually assaulted Mr Kebir with a stick and hit him with shoes, a whip and a gun, the court heard.

An Egyptian Blog, Torture in Egypt, was set up last year just to spotlight the prisoner abuse in Egypt.
Like this scene of Egyptian jail abuse caught on video:
(CAUTION: Violent, 55 seconds)

Sadly, according to The Jawa Report, the video of Imad’s broomstick abuse was used as an Al-Qaeda recruitment video.

Sexually Assaulted Egyptian Prisoner Imad Kabir Convicted for “Resisting Arrest!”

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