Al Qaeda Loses in Iraq- Sunnis Join Fight Against Deviants

The following is a Haider Ajina translation of a headline and news article from Iraq’s Buratha News on October 31, 2007:

“Sunni Tribal leaders from Dhi-Qar province distance themselves from Takfiries and pledge their support to the political process and elected government”

The governor of Iraq’s Dhi-Qar province Aziz Khadum Alwan received a delegation of Sunni tribal leaders of the Dhi-Qar who are member of the Dhi-Qar tribal chamber. The delegation handed the governor a copy of a speech given by the Chair of the delegation Sheik Ahmed AbdulRazaq after Friday prayer. The speech he delivered made very clear the mission of the Tribal Chamber which guides its actions. Sheik AbdulRazaq acknowledged the danger of the Takfiri fatwas and its deviation from Islam and the importance of combating and fighting the Takfiries and their deviant ideas. He also called for the support of the government and its local administrative and security representatives.

Haider Ajina comments:

Dhi-Qar province is a mostly Muslim Shiite province with some Mandaeans (followers of John the Baptist). Sunni Tribal leaders in Dhi-Qar province are speaking out loudly against Takfiries and against those trying to disrupt the political process in Iraq. Since the Alqida Takfiries are Sunnis, the Sunnis in Dhi-Qar are speaking out to disassociate themselves from these Takfiries as well as call for fighting these Takfiries. They also denounce the Takfiri deviant ideology and calling it non Muslim. These are all positive steps towards a united Iraq against the terrorists and for a representative government. While Iraq, as any free society, will never be fully united behind any political cause (nor should they) they are however uniting against the Takfiries and intolerance and they are uniting to protect their minorities.

Haider Ajina


MORE… Michael Yon agrees- Al Qaeda is beaten in Iraq. (Via Instapundit)
…And, give credit to Michael Yon for being one of the first to report it.

But Al-Qaeda can still count on the MSM, thankfully.
That alliance is still unshakable.
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