15 Year-Old Terrorists Are Operating in the UK

The new head of M15 says that terrorists as young as 15 are operating in Great Britain.
Sky News and Terrorism Research Center reported:

The new head of security service MI5 has said the number of people involved in terrorist activity in the UK has risen to 2,000 – and that some are as young as 15.

Jonathan Evans, in his first public speech since taking the job, called Islamic terrorism the “most immediate and acute peacetime threat” in the 98-year history of MI5.

He also said there were as many Russian secret agents in the UK now as during the Cold War.

Referring to Islamic extremism, Mr Evans said: “The more that this ideology spreads in our communities, the harder it will be to maintain the kind of society that the vast majority of us wish to live in.

“As I speak terrorists are targeting young people and children in this country. They are radicalising, indoctrinating and grooming young, vulnerable people to carry out acts of terrorism.

The BBC reported that the number of terrorists grew since 2006.

More… The Telgraph is reporting on Al-Qaeda’s recruitment of children.

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