This Antiwar Is Lost– Saturday Protest Turnout Fizzles

Sadly, the antiwar protests yesterday fizzled with the drizzle.
Fizzle Drizzle Bushizzle?

The turnout was down nationally.
The Boston protest was a disappointment…

The communists from ANSWER (Not to be confused with the democratic presidential candidates pushing socialism) still demand the US out of Iraq AND the dismantling of Israel. (Flickr)

This guy obviously missed this news. (Flickr)


The no blood for oil loons were there.

They must not be paying attention to the gas prices under the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

What the…?

Hijabs for peace?

In San Francisco:

The obligatory Che signs were out in support of the Marxist Revolutionary and international Leftist hero.

Code Pink wants “US out of Middle East Now!”.

In San Fran they don’t like the military much or the Jews.

It was a disappointing day.
LGF has more on the lunacy in Boston.
Glenn Reynolds asks, “How do you ask someone to be the last man to march for a mistake?”

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