Tehran Students Upstage Columbia–Lash Out at "Fascist" Ahmadinejad

“Ahmadinejad, you Pinochet, Iran is not Chilli!”

Tehran University Students
Tehran, Iran
October 8, 2007

Tehran University students courageously confronted the president of Iran yesterday during his visit to campus. This is despite the fact that several of their peers have already been jailed by the regime.

Unlike their counterparts at Columbia University, the students at Tehran University know what it’s like to live under fascist rule. But, this didn’t stop the Iranian students yesterday from confronting Iranian President Ahmadinejad-
Hundreds of brave students gave the the genocide promoter an earful when he came to campus on Monday.

Iranian human rights activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi sends this news on the rowdy protests at Tehran University yesterday that didn’t make it in the mainstream news reports:


Wow, Jim, the students called Ahmadinejad a fascist too! They kept chanting to him: “Ahmadinejad, you Pinochet, Iran is not Chilli!” Also the university authorities were prohibiting the students from entering into the auditorium where Ahmadinejad was talking. The few students who were in there with silly placards supporting Ahmadinejad were the Basijis. Iranian TV ended up not broadcasting it live claiming technical failure. One person who spoke out asking to pose a question that was slightly critical of Ahmadinejad was dragged out of the auditorium.

Bravery on campus…

The blue sign reads: We too have question (for you – meaning Ahmadinejad), not only Columbia.
The pink sign reads: Release imprisoned students Ahmad, Majid & Ehsan
(Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi)

The video from the student protests yesterday is posted HERE.

Winston has more on yesterday’s protest.

UPDATE: More from Banafsheh-

By the way the chant of “Ahmadinejad you Pinochet, Iran is not Chili”, rhymes in Farsi! So it’s, “Ahmadinejad’eh Pinochet, Iran Chilli neh-meesheh!”

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