San Francisco Officials Keep Pounding the War & the Troops

San Francisco values march on…
In March San Francisco issued official proclamations commemorating the 40th anniversary of a gay porn studio.
Months later San Francisco would not allow the US Marines to film in town.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lashed out in a radio interview after the last anti-military stunt with a fierce defense of San Francisco:

“Guys like Bill O’Reilly attack this city and use it as a way of attacking Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco values makes me sick to my stomach. How dare you attack this city because of a few exceptions and not the rule in terms of where our elected officials are in relationship to the military.”

Here’s the audio from the O’Reilly Factor back in early October:

Here’s a partial list of San Fran’s latest attacks on the military:

* San Francisco voters approved the “College not Combat” initiative that banned military recruiting from city schools.
* San rancisco Board voted to eliminate ROTC programs
* San Francisco film commission recently refused to allow the marines to even shoot a commercial in town, they were forced to shoot at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
* San Francisco banned the Blue Angels from flying over
* Prevented US soldiers returning from Iraq from entering the passenger area of the Oakland airport

Add another one to the list.
The Examiner reported that this week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors endorsed Saturday as the “End the War in Iraq” Day after passing a resolution introduced by Supervisor Tom Ammiano.

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