Radical Islamist Website Condemns "Islamophobic" IFAW

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To say that the KavKaz Center is a Radical Islamist website is an understatement.
It is a radical Islamic website concentrating on Chechnya that promotes violence throughout the Umma.

So it is really not that surprising that this radical website would condemn Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week held on US campuses last week.
KavKaz reported:

Islamophobia week at U.S. campuses

BORROWING from President Bush’s terminology ‘Islamo-Fascists, ‘ a notorious band of ultra-right wing Arabphobes and Islamophobes is embarked on a new project to spread fear and hatred under the guise of patriotism and freedom.

Packaged as “Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week,” David Horowitz, a neo-conservative polemicist, is leading the Arab/Muslim- basing efforts at campuses across the nation.

In the past, David Horowitz, the self-appointed chief of the new campus thought police, has organized witch-hunts against progressive academics and attempted to introduce legislation to enforce “codes of conduct” that would silence “left-wing” voices on campus. This time his target of the Oct. 22-26 Islamo-Fascist Week are Islam and Arabs/Muslims.

Horowitz asks students participating in the campaign to disseminate presentations, such as “The Islamic Mein Kampf,” (meaning the Quran). He also tries to connect Islam with fascism and Arabs and Muslims with Nazis. He proclaimed that Palestinians are the “quintessential Islamo-Fascists” and that their cause is “genocidal.”

The Islamists are obviously not impressed with the intentions of the week.

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