Poll: Americans Back Bush on Iraq

Brian Faughnan at The Weekly Standard Blog notes the results from the latest Gallup Poll on Iraq:

In general, these data suggest that the Bush administration policy in Iraq is well within the acceptable range for the American public. The results seem to suggest that as long as the administration is beginning the process of withdrawing at least some troops from Iraq, a majority of the American public will be satisfied.

Since 2003 the democrats have been working overtime to undermine the efforts of the US troops in Iraq. There was more evidence of that this week. Democrats refocused their hatred of all things military on the Blackwater contractorsthe security group who gives Congressional democrats protection when they travel to the quagmire.

Now that Iraq is on an upswing and America is backing the Bush plan for Iraq, what will democrats have left to offer?


As the Great Nahanni says… “They have sown the wind so much that they are going to reap a hurricane.”

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