Mother Sheehan: "Terrorists in White House Are Most Dangerous"

Today she marches…

Tomorrow she rules. (Reuters)

A message from Mother Sheehan:

The terrorists that wear Brooks Brothers and Armani and live and work in the big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue are more dangerous to our way of life and safety than any others. I wish Congressman Stark had not caved to the establishment elitists. George is the one that needs to apologize to each and every one of us for killing just about everything that we hold dear: our treasury, our Constitution, our standing in the international community, our ecology, our children, and for murdering our hopes and dreams for the future. When I replace Nancy Pelosi as the Representative from California’s 8th district, I will fight for the lives, security and prosperity of, not only my constituents, but for all the human beings in the world. If BushCo is still in office, God forbid, when I am sworn in, I will do everything in my power to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity and I will never, ever apologize for telling the truth. To Contact Cindy: To contribute to the campaign, or sign up for email alerts: [email protected] To volunteer for the campaign: [email protected] For media or scheduling requests: [email protected]

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